US Disabled Veterans

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What is a Veteran?

..whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve - - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of " up to, and including their life.'

That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country today, who no longer understand that fact.

We appreciate this opportunity to present our plan to assist Disabled Veterans, who desire to return to a normal and productive lifestyle and offer those veterans a repository of options they might not otherwise have access to.

Although we do not claim to have the total panacea of answers to all of the challenges disabled veterans may face, we have irrefutable evidence that we have answers to some.

In our efforts to assist disabled veterans, our dedicated, national, multifaceted team of professionals believes we have developed a plan to offer many veterans' a number of options towards obtaining a goal of self sufficiency.

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red, white, and blue veteran colors

red, white, and blue veteran colors

May 2, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep...
One less terrorist this world does keep...
With all my heart I give my thanks to those in uniform regardless of rank...
You serve our country and serve it well...
With humble hearts your stories tell...
So as I rest my weary eyes while freedom rings our flag still flies...
You give your all, do what you must...
With God we live and God we trust

Posted by a gentleman on Facebook.
Made a nice thought and poem.
red, white, and blue veteran colors

red, white, and blue veteran colors

red, white, and blue veteran colors

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